Happy Mid-Week you beautiful faces!! Today’s spring inspo look is this SO STUNNING color combo: Red + Pink !! Oh how obsessed I am with how nicely these two colors blend together. It didn’t took me more than a minute to create this look because it’s made of ALL kind of cute pieces: Red pointed pumps, satin top, pink high-waisted pants and dusty pink round mini bag! How cuteeee is the tiny scarf (it came with with the top) attached to the bag?? Makes the look reach it’s highest level of Chicness 😀 This top would also look amazing paired with red, denim, or white bottoms. Color blocking is a really fun way to get dressed during the warm spring/summer days. So get ready to be inspired by some pretty interesting colorblock outfits on here! I’m not wearing any jewellery because this look is rich enough to add anything extra but really there is no set rules when it comes to nailing a colorblock outfit. Just add the colors that you’re feeling right about and mooost importantly : OWN IT !!! So… how about you subscribe + share this post if “you are Lovin’ it” (In your Mcdonalds voice haha *this is MCDs slogan by the way* ) ??? As usual, (Come on you know I got you girl) All outfits details + today’s verse will be down below!! 


Satin Top: Missguided, gone but ALL great satin blouse options Here

Pink pants: Zara, but them Here or Here

Red pumps: Steve Madden, Get super similar Here or Here

Dusty pink bag: Lauren Conrad, Buy it ON SALE Here


“What is done under the sun was grievous to me, for all is Vanity And a striving after wind” Ecclesiates 2 V 17

XO, Prisca. 



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