Online shopping is always a good option when you’re trying to comfortably shop at anytime on any day. I mean… who wouldn’t love the idea of getting home to a package? Or receiving that “your package has been delivered” email/notification ?! Online shopping has always hold a major spot in my shopping experience so I thought I would share with you guys my favorite online websites to shop at. Now there is a ton of online stores out there, that I might not even, either know about or shopped at yet. Also, I feel like I don’t have to mention it, but they are all SUPER affordable clothing websites. There is actually a lot I will cover so I will only mention 5 websites today and some others another time, so stay tuned for a Part II !! I will only talk about the ones I have been enjoying to shop at, over the years ! Alright let’s the Funnnnn beginnn !! 😀

      1) BOOHOO See Here


Boohoo is that website you might want to check out if you haven’t yet! They are UK-based and I found out about them through stylepantry blog (btw she’s the world’s Best Black Blogger! Subscribe to her blog 😉 ). This was back in 2014 and at the time, they were doing 25% sitewide almost everyday. Five years later, they still do sitewide sales but even better (either 50 or 60 % off everything and sometimes including already-on-sale items!) which I find craaazy good for a deal. Alright, I would totally recommend you to shop on there for these pieces: sweaters, Coats & jackets, cardigans, blazers, summer tops, summer dresses. They now have a shipping fee no matter how much you are purchasing which can be annoying but they do free returns and the shipping takes up to 10 days! Also, they have the Afterpay option which allows you to make four equal payments of your order over 8 weeks…. Girl YES I would take that!! haha 🙂 

      2) FASHIONOVA, Check Here 


Alright, This shopping website is the real deal sis! They always have a Ton of new items every week and it’s mind blowing how massive their product range is ! I loveee shopping on for how mostly good quality their items are and also for how fast their shipping can be (maxi one week!!). They do free shipping for orders of $75 or more, but trust me it’s easily achievable to have your order over $75 😀 They have a policy that upset a lot of people and that, at first, annoyed me too, but  I actually ended up Loving it. It’s their return policy. You don’t get your money back when you return unwanted items.You get a gift card for a later purchase on the website. This, to me, can be convenient if in the future, you’re wanting to make an unplanned purchase! Using this gift card would almost seem like you’re getting your next order for “free” 😉 Another reason why I recommend shopping at Fashionova is that, unlike most other online stores, you can use both a gift card and a discount code at the same time while checking out ! Now let me tell ya how great this can be… (Thank me later boo 😉 ). Here are the items I recommend getting on the website: JEANS, jackets, jumpsuits, summer tops, summer dresses, occasion dresses.

      3) MISSGUIDEDShop Here


Missguided is a UK online store that I’ve also been enjoying getting pieces from. They do have physical stores in London but not here in the US. I also found out about them through one of my all time fave blogger the daileigh, who unfortunately no longer blog 🙁 They keep amazing me with the quality of their ! On top of that, you will most often notice that they do sitewide sales (30, 40 or 50 %)!! They also sometimes do exclusives sales when you shop through their phone app and random free shipping no minimum which can be really convenient! Their shipping is pretty fast (about a week). I would recommend to get these pieces from them: Bodysuits, sweater, wide leg pants, jackets & Coats, BLAZERS, dressy dresses, summer tops, midi skirts, heels & OVT boots.

      4) FOREVER 21, find them Here


Now I feel like F21 is such a mandatory place to shop at haha ! They do have a LOT of low priced items to offer, which unfortunately means a lot of cheap looking and bad quality clothes. Good news is, they still carry a lot of good items; like actual gooood quality pieces. You just want to make sure you have the good eye while shopping on there. They do have stores inside malls but I noticed that a lot of their good quality items are found online! What I would recommend getting at Forever21: knit tops, sweaters, jackets, tank tops, SUMMER TOPS & DRESSES, wide leg and cigarette pants, flats, ankle boots. You will rarely see them doing a sitewide sale BUT thankfully, they often do “extra 50% off sale” which is basically a sale on sale! I would suggest that you sign up for their emails and their rewards program because –Gosh- you literally receive coupons almost every week 😉 Shipping is pretty fast but I would advise you to choose the “pick up in store” option which will allow you to try on your order in their fitting room, and then return the unwanted ones right away at the store register! They just implemented as well the Afterpay option at checkout!

      5) PRETTYLITTLETHING, check them out  Here 


They are UK-based and are part of my faves because they sell nice quality basics! Their shipping is pretty fast and you might want to patiently wait until they have a 35, 40 or 50% sitewide sale before checking out your cart because – trust me- it happens pretty much everyday 😉 They carry some pretty good items. One thing you could do to avoid buying bad quality pieces from them is to zoom in the pictures and closely watch the videos to have a proper idea of how the clothes would look or feel on you. I prefer shopping on websites that offer videos of the item because it makes all the difference! They do have an app but the videos can only be seen when you actually go on the website. What I usually shop on there and that I would recommend: BODYSUITS, Coats, ankle boots, midi dresses, WIDE LEG PANTS, sweaters.

Alright Loves, here are my first top 5 websites to shop on a budget! Also, some people say that these websites sell all kind of crap, and I find myself laughing about it because, what they apparently ignore is that, despite the facts that the website might carry some disappointing items quality-wise, you will still find a LOT of amazing well-made pieces on there (Scroll throughout my Blog if you’re looking  for proof 😀 ) 

Have a Blessed week and take one second to subscribe with your email to not miss the part II !!!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your Own understanding.” Proverbs 3 Verse 5 (BiBle)

XO, Prisca.

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