Hello Lovelies!! I hope you all are doing well and staying safe out there! So, let’s talk about skincare! When was the last time you tried out some new products? I absolutely love trying out new skincare because let’s be honest, you never have enough! LOLI beauty is the new clean and made-safe skincare brand we didn’t know we needed. From their very clean ingredients and sustainable packaging, they are everything a skincare product should be. The best part is that their products are travel size ! I mean how convenient? I don’t always like that I have to buy new small containers for my skincare every time I travel. You can find everything you need with LOLI beauty as they carry cleaners/toners, oils/serums, moisturizer, masks, scrubs and so much more!

Let’s get in this CHAMOMILE LAVENDER TONIC + CLEANSING MICELLAR! Yes- you read that correcty! It’s a toner and makeup remover all in one! How cool! Literally saving you one step in your skincare routine 😉 I loved how the chamomile and the lavender in it truly calmed my skin after I used it. Super convenient for the end those long days where you want your skin to get some extra care and rest. I also loved how the smell is not strong! You can check it out + shop it by clicking the picture below. Oh and the best part about this is that if you purchase the LOLI beauty product directly in my blog, you’ll exclusively receive a 15% discount along with free shipping! Like hello! BEST deal ever!

Now about this TEA SEED ELIXIR?? The! Bomb! I instantly fell in love! The perfect face oil to nourrish your skin without having your facr looking all oily! Don’t y’all hate that? the ingredients in this LOLI beauty essential face oil are amazing: sweet orange, pink grapefruit, nourishing oils from tea seed, flaxseed and apricot. Get on it lovelies, you’ll thank me later 😉

Okay the last LOLI product I would love to introduce to you is the Matcha coconut paste face mask ! This green tea detox mask is what our skin might need at the end of a long week. The clean and vegan ingredients in this Matcha mask give your skin a more brighter and smoother look ! Giving your skin a weekly mask is such an important part of a skincare routine. I’m super excited to add this LOLI Matcha detox mask to mine and I hope you will to ! Snag it below to enjoy the 15% off discount 😉

Alright lovelies, these are the 3 amazing LOLI clean beauty products I was eager to share with you today! I hope you will give it a try because trust me you will not be disappointed 😉 I believe we need more sustainable beauty brands like LOLI beauty! As you might have noticed, I am using this new cool commerce tool by Fermat Commerce which allow you to buy directly the products while staying on my page, I love this feature! And the fact that you get 15% off your LOLI beauty purchase + free shipping is absolutely unbeatable! Let me know how you like it!

Thank you to Fermat Commerce for sponsoring Today’s blog post !

I will see you in my next post lovelies,

Prisca, XOXO.

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