SO glad you back on Here to Read me!!! A good pair of denim is more than essential to any wardrobe. The endless options of owning good quality jeans make them a must-have closet staple. It can be hard to find the right pair of jeans that will fit you perfectly. It may seems that you have to spend a fortune to get a good pair of jeans, and it’s actually not always the case! Thankfully, good quality doesn’t need to come at a high price to look, feel and fit great. I’m here today to share with y’all places where you can get THE jeans you’ve been looking for and reasonably priced. Now there are numerous jeans brands out there, I definitely tried several ones but ended up fully appreciating and sticking to the ones I will be writing about.

1) FASHIONOVA have the BEST Jeans you could ever imagine. Their Jeans will hug you like they’ve been knowing you your whole life LOL ! Yes I’m serious… I’ve Never regretted any jeans I bought from them. The only times I had to get rid of few of them was when I gained some Happy weight 😉 They Never disappoint! Your shape look so much more flattering in these Fashionova denim. Most of their Jeans are less than $50 and, on top of that, there’s always a discount code you will find either on their website, or simply trhough scrolling your facebook feed after visiting their website. Example of A-m-a-z-i-n-g Must-Have jeans you can get from them (They ALL currently on sale for 40% OFF !!) : 

  • Their MOST popular + sexy jeans: Here 
  • I Have and love these ones Here and Here (super strecthy and Flattering!!)
  • Omg I also have these ones and they are SO PERFECT (Soft + strecthy) : Here
  • Styling some Fashionova Jeans in these Posts Here, Here , Here


Old navy is that Local store you always want to keep an eye on. Not only do they constantly have incredible deals but their Jeans…. Girl… are to die for. They are super duper comfortable and hugging. You always want to check their websites before purchasing a pair because they do daily sales. I never bought a pair of Jeans full price at Old Navy. Just never lol! I am linking the ones I own and I swear by! ( They are also currently 40% OFF!) :

  • My FAVE jeans from them! The Built-in sculpt collection;  Hug you good! buy them Here And Here
  • Their Rockstar collection is also amazing Here
  • Styling some Old Navy jeans in these posts HereHere , Here.


I’ve heard so many good things about Asos jeans that I had to gp ahead and try them! Well they were exactly what I was expecting when they came in the mail; fitting and quality wise. They are so soft and well made. Price range is $30 – $50 so it’s definitely not too bad! I currently only own one pair but definitely planning on getting other washes as well.

Ridley jeans (the ones I’m wearing in This Post So Good!); Buy them Here & Here


I used to watch almost every MTV reality shows and “The Hills” where Lauren Conrad was staring was part of it. I was mainly watching the show because of her amazing style SO when I realized that she has her own fashion brands available at kohl’s I was so happy! Her Jeans are soooo soft and have great fit! They are stretchy and must-have in your closet! The Rip details are sochic and you can ALWAYS get them on sale or less than $30 at or in a Kohls store. So I totally recommend them to you guys!

  • I have and Loveee These ones Here 
  • See All the denim options of her Collection Here

This is it Ladies! Sorry to disappoint you if, part of my list wasn’t some other known Denim brands like Zara, Levis, Express or Topshop, but I had to exclusively write about the brand I own and that have perfectly been working for me. I’ve tried to purchase Levis, Zara or Express Jeans several times but I am yet to find some that are not only true to size, but also soft, stretchy and flattering. I had the chance to try on Topshop jeans at Nordstrom, and they fit really great but I still think that the Asos ones are the perfect substitute for half the price!

I am definitely planning to do a blog post about these brands once I‘m able to confirm their fit. Y’all Stay Blessed and CAN’T wait to share the Springy outfit coming Next on the Blog!!! So stay tuned 😉 

“Live in Harmony with one another. Do not be Proud, but be willing to associate with the lowly; Never be wise on your own sight. Repay no one evil for evil but, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.” Romans 12 Verses 16-17 (The BiBle). 

                              XO, Prisca .



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