Happy New Week beautiful People!!! Now this week is very far from being a Regular One : It’s the Thanksgiving AND Black Friday Week!! How EXCITING is that ?!! I am definitely looking forward to enjoy my time with my loved ones aannd (Where it gets really interesting :D), take advantage of the black friday sales!! In this spirit of festivities and holidays, I came up with this chic outfit to inspire you to create a thanksgiving day look! I love this striped midi dress and  suede jacket combo. These colors scream holidays and they are just so playful and look nice when assembled together. The suede trench jacket is very warm and can be worn so many different ways! I wore this outfit with a pretty plain and clear/white heels and this so stylish fluffy clutch. Now these heels have really been my Favorite pair of shoes to wear when I’m trying to look elegant (meaning not having to wear flats) but no necessarily be in super high heels. I’m pretty sure you get what I’m saying! 😉 😀 The good news is, you can buy the items of this  entire look at Discounted Prices because this week, ALL shopping websites will go on SALE! Later this week, I will create a blog post including (as much as I know of) ALL the stores that will have a black friday Sale, so no need to worry friends, I got YOU!!! 

Scroll down to see more pics and details of this Thanksgiving day Look and also the amazing Thanksgiving bible verse! 


 Dress Here, or Here

Suede trench coat: Here

Fluffy clutch: Here (recommend it 100% !!). 

Heels: Here  (Lovee Them!) 


“Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be THANKSGIVING” EPHESIANS 5 V 4 (BiBLE) 




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