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Hello Loves !!! Welcome to PRISCASTYLEME !!! This Blog will be your favorite destination  for everything Fashion and Style! My name is Prisca and, since the age of 12, I have always found interest in how to beautifully assemble clothes and accessories together to create looks. I would most of the time argue with my tailor because I always had a precise idea of how I wanted my outfits to look like and to fit me as well. My friends and Family would always ask me my opinion about what to wear for different occasions. I believe looking good and being neatly dressed is a form of good manner and should therefore be highly taken into consideration in every Woman. 

I  would define my Style as simple but hedgy, classy, elegant and affordable. Another way I would define my Style is it being  Wearable, which means when I create my Looks, I don’t tend to go too extravagant or “crazy”. I have always been passionated about Fashion and Style and I’m excited to share this dear passion of mine with you. will be about my vision and perception of what it is to look Stylished and Fashionable on a budget !!!

I am Hoping that this blog will be inspiring to you and your surroundings. Please I would so appreciate you to subscribe by entering your emails in order to not miss every time there will be a new post 🙂  Feel Free to leave a comment and share if you like what you will see and read !! Also, as a Jesus Freak and a firm believer of Christ, A Verse will be posted at the every end of every blog post! So do not fprget to scroll all the way down to not only see the rest of the outfits pictures, but also the verse that will be posted as well 😉

Thank you so much for taking a min of your precious time to stop by and Read Me !!

Find me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM at : Priscastyleme .


XOXO, Prisca


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